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Clarissa Lerchenfeld-Keller

M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

Heart-Centered Life Coaching sessions

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Are you struggling in your relationships - maybe with your spouse, partner, parent?

Maybe you are going through a divorce feeling overwhelmed and guilty?

Or you can't stand your neighbor or someone at your child's school?

Do you feel stuck and frustrated in your life?

Do you feel estranged from your family of origin?

Do you have dreams, goals, projects but don’t think you can accomplish them?

Do you have feelings of unworthiness that lead to negleting yourself?

Do you have old judgments or resentments that you would like to let go?

Have you gone to years of therapy and keep dealing with the same issues?

If you answered any of these questions with "Yes" scroll down and look on the left.



You have been given the opportunity to work on your Inner Growth.

What if you could:


- Create loving relationships,

- Learn to see issues as opportunities for positive change in your life ,

- Let go of anything that does not serve you anymore,

- Create what you really want in your life.



Enjoy the serene atmosphere in Clarissa’s home office surrounded by flowers, a fountain, birds and the mountains. In her auspicious Octagon-shaped room you can relax and feel safe to heal the issues that have been bothering you.

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Contact: (818) 943-3887


Clarissa Lerchenfeld-Keller

M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

Heart-Centered Life Coaching


My Story


What is Spiritual Psychology?



Are you ready to live the life that you came here for?

How about creating Ideal Scenes to pave the road?

Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and judgements?

Do you want to heal a relationship?


Let me treat you to a 30-minute free introductory session to show you how I work!


I'm here for you to get results and find healing.

The transformation of my own life and the success of many clients prove it.



You will feel very safe in my beautiful office surrounded by a fountain, flowers, birds and trees where I can gently guide you to your dreams and goals.


"I highly recommend Clarissa as a heart-centered life coach and spiritual psychologist.  Her coaching style is not only practical but spiritual and lighthearted.  Working with Clarissa helped me to get in touch with repressed emotions, brought me clarity, and realigned me with joy and purpose.  She gently and gracefully facilitated my sessions using her special gifts of intuition, loving compassion, unconditional acceptance, and delightful humor.  Thank you, Clarissa, for helping me move joyfully forward in my life!"

Carol Wright, Healing Energy Practitioner, Los Angeles


Contact: (818) 943-3887